Toronto Notes 2013

Toronto Notes 2013

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Toronto Notes for Medical Students, Inc. © 2013
By Curtis Woodford, Christopher Yao
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New for 2013: ebook version now available!!
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The ebook is a searchable, digital version of the main book, which contains a hyperlinked table of contents, linked subtable of contents in each chapter and linked index. It also allows for note-taking and bookmarking. The ebook can be placed on more than one device. For more information on whether your device is compatible, please click on “Will this ebook work on my device?” tab.
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What is new about the printed Book:
Toronto Notes 2013 includes exciting new changes that will further help
students prepare for the Canadian and American medical licensing exams. This
year, the Toronto Notes 2013 package includes:

- A concise textbook with in-depth coverage of 29 medical specialties
- Up-to-date Evidence Based Medicine summaries
- Over 20 new original medical illustrations, with 20 revisions

Handbook: Included with Print version only
- A Clinical Handbook highlighting common clinical management
scenarios and helpful tips on clerkship basics – perfect to carry on the
- A brand new Stat Notes booklet – a 30 page guide of how to approach
and manage clinical scenarios encountered while on call.

- Online set of practice examination questions
- Additional online resources including: a Colour Atlas, ECG Made
Simple, Heart Sounds Tutorial, Approach to Ultrasound, Online Color
Histology Slide Collection

New features include:
- A brand new Stat Notes booklet – a 30 page guide of how to approach
and manage clinical scenarios encountered while on call
- Over 20 new original medical illustrations
- Updated online colour atlas with new images and annotations
- Improved website interface for quick searching
- An Approach to Ultrasound in the ER
- Online Colour Histology Slide Collection
- 50 OSCE practice stations with history and physical exam checklists and post-encounter
Curtis M. Woodford is an MD/PhD student
Christopher M. Yao is a senior medical student, both at the University of Toronto.

Contributors from the United States:
Dr. Peter Allen, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre
Dr. Daniela Kroshinsky, Massachusetts General Hospital
Dr. Robert Shin, University of Maryland
Dr. Govind Nandakumar, Weill/Cornell School of Medicine
Dr. Sanjeev Dutta, Stanford
The Toronto Notes ebook can be read on nearly all devices that can read a pdf.  The ebook is an enhanced pdf file that has some special features included such as a linked table of contents and hyperlinks throughout the books.  It can be read on both Mac and PC and copied from your Mac or PC to an iPad, tablet or smart phone.
In order to read the ebook, you will need to download Adobe(R) Digital Editions and transfer the ebook to your devices. 

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