Downloading and Installing

Downloading and Reading your ebook from University of Toronto Bookstore

Your ebook can be read on nearly all devices that can read a pdf.  The ebook is an enhanced pdf file that has some special features included such as a linked table of contents and hyperlinks throughout the books.  It can be read on both Mac and PC and copied from your Mac or PC to an iPad, tablet or smart phone. 

Step 1:  Install Adobe(R) Digital Editions Reader Software on Your Computer

Click the following link to begin installing Adobe(R) Digital Editions (ADE) reader software on your computer.

Adobe Digital Editions is an ereader software program that allows you to read ebooks protected with Digital Rights Management.  It has several features such as note taking, highlighting and the ability to book mark.

The first time you open a protected ebook, ADE will ask you to authorize your computer. The best way to do this is to supply an Adobe ID, associating the book with your ID. If you later open the book on another computer or device, you can simply supply the same ID to open the book.

If you don’t have an Adobe ID, click here to create one.  After creating the ID on the Adobe website, you can close that browser window, return to ADE, and enter the newly-created Adobe ID.

It is possible to authorize the ebook without an Adobe ID, but you will not be able to transfer it to another device (with an Adobe ID the ebook can be placed on up to 6 devices.  Note – it can only be read on one device at a time).

Hint: your Adobe ID is your email address. 

Step 2: Download the ebook to Your Computer

You should receive an invoice email once you complete the transaction. Click the download link contained in your invoice. Open the downloaded file (the download will now start, depending on the speed of your internet connection, the download time will vary as the file is quite large).

After the eBook finishes downloading, you will see it displayed in the "All Items" bookshelf in your ADE software. 

Provided you have authorized the ebook in ADE as described in Step 1, the ebook is now ready to be ready on your computer using Adobe(R) Digital Editions.

If you would like to also read the ebook on a tablet or mobile device proceed to Step 3.


Step 3: Downloading and reading an eBook directly to an iPad, tablet or other mobile device.

Bluefire Reader is a reading app available in both iOS and Android platforms.  Any device that can load Bluefire reader will be able to read the ebook.  Note: other reader apps may also work provided they support Adobe(R) Digital Rights Management.

Step 3a – download the Bluefire Reader App (Free Download)


·  Download Bluefire Reader for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (iTunes App Store)

·  Download Bluefire Reader for Android tablets and phones (Android Marketplace)

Bluefire Reader Help & Support (provided by

·  Frequently Asked Questions

·  Bluefire Reader User Guide

·  Contact Support via Email

When Bluefire Reader launches for the first time, it will ask if you'd like to authorize the application.  Authorization is a simple process where you're asked to enter an Adobe ID and password so that your copy of Bluefire Reader is able to read Adobe ebooks.  (Remember your Adobe ID is your email address).

Step 3b – Transfer the ebook to your device

For an iPad or other iOS device, there are three methods to transfer the ebook to the device.  The first is using iTunes.  The second and third methods are by using Drop Box or email which will also work for Android devices.

Regardless of how you transfer the ebook, you will need to find make sure you add the .pdf file and not the .acsm file.  The .pdf file is usually found in the "My Digital Editions" folder and can only be viewed if the eBook has been opened in the ADE software.  To determine the exact location of the file, in ADE, select the title and in the top left menu choose “File” and then “Show in Explorer”.

Option 1: Transfer via iTunes

·  Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

·  Select your device in the "Devices" list, then click on the "Apps" tab at the top of the main iTunes window.

·  Underneath the Sync Apps panel you should see the File Sharing panel. Click on Bluefire Reader under Apps in the File Sharing Panel. You should then see your eBooks in the Documents list to the right.

·  At the bottom of the Documents list click the "Add…" button and choose the ebook pdf file. 

·  iTunes should then transfer the book to your device and Bluefire Reader will then automatically add it to your Bluefire Reader Library. 

Option 2: Transfer via E-Mail

·  Email yourself the eBook .pdf file as an email attachment

·  Click on the attachment in your email application

·  Select "Bluefire" in the "Open With" window. 

Option 3:  Transfer via Dropbox

·  Make sure you have the Dropbox application (free) installed on both your computer and your mobile device.

·  Place the .pdf file in your drop box folder on your computer

·  Access your drop box folder on your mobile device in the Dropbox app.

·  In the Dropbox app on your mobile device

    • Select the ebook, wait for it to download to your device.
    • Once downloaded the ebook will not be readable in drop box.  It will likely display a blank screen.
    • Click "Open with…" and select "Bluefire" to enjoy your eBook.

You can then open and enjoy your ebook in Bluefire Reader.

Please note that depending on your device it may be possible to directly connect to your computer by usb to add the .pdf file to the device.  Please see your manufacturer’s instructions for details on file transfer.